Training mind health is affordable, it transforms you to be creative, vital and productive by nipping stress and burnout problems in the bud.

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In your pursuit of a dynamic team that excels in focus, creative problem-solving and delivering desired results, your quest has led you to the perfect destination!

Welcome to a unique mind health approach, originating from Northern Europe, where you can experience the dual benefits of stress relief and a significant productivity boost!

Benefit from soothing stress relief and productivity boost in this unique Mental Wellness Gym originating from Northern Europe.

Investing in inner strength and mental sharpness improves employee engagement, turning it positively into your business advantage.

We understand, at a profound level, the pivotal role that excellent mind health plays in enabling leaders and employees to thrive.

Consequently, we are committed to enhancing your staff's mental well-being, knowing that it forms the foundation for them to construct your path to success. Discover how you can be the calmest person in the room and handle any challenge.

This wellbeing website offers you healthy and proven ways to ensure the productivity and engagement of your team.

Wellness Orbit e-trainings enable everyone to enjoy a peaceful mind.

How to unlock the profound secrets to ignite both peak profitability and mind health?

The short answer is, by turning employee intrapersonal education to your business advantage.

Please read on, and discover the result-oriented answers to three mental wellness questions:

  • How to guarantee engaged and productive employees?
  • How to benefit from stress reduction and burnout prevention skills?
  • How to secure a fit mind/brain for your team at the best price?

Mental wellness as your business benefit

Here mental wellness expertise is reliably delivered to you as professionally developed mental wellness online courses and free proactive mind health resources.

Improving mind health is now an easy and relaxing experience, it ticks the following boxes:

☑️  Self-assessment when starting and ending each training;
☑️  Personal feedback and self-development tips;
☑️  5 engaging video sessions with the mental wellness expert;
☑️  Quizzes to integrate the learned after each training session;
☑️  Workbook supporting individual wellbeing and group discussions.

Indulge in the alluring mental wellness online training journey that effortlessly entices and captivates teams regardless of their size.


Why mental wellness at work is important?

Are you aware that signing up for the global mental wellness revolution enables you and your team to thrive and save money?

Improving mind health makes an excellent business case as the loss of mental wellness incurs significant costs, both for individuals and the organizations that employ them.

Are you aware that your annual mental health costs per employee can reach up to £3,710 ($4,820 or 4,120€)?

Without proactive approach, the employee mental health cost keeps growing, the graph below originates from the 2020 Deloitte UK report 'Mental Health and Employers. Refreshing the case for investment'.

Your annual mental health loss per employee is between £702 and £3,353 (Source: Deloitte UK).

However, a more recent Deloitte study in 2022 shows that these expenses now range from £1035 ($1345 or 1150€) up to £3,710 ($4820 or 4,120€).

Act now and save money!

How affordable is the mind health investment?

We reveal it right away, as it allows you to think with it.

Full-day online training investment per person is just £63 ($77 or 70€), and in the case of bigger groups be even lower. By comparing this figure with Deloitte's calculations, you stand to win.



Improving mind health through mental wellness training has the power to deliver beneficial change.

Do you have such mental wellness workplace training in place? Is it delivering the desired results?

Training here provides individual feedback to each employee, fostering health and wellbeing improvement.

How to have excellent mental wellness?

People lack intrapersonal skills because current school systems lack stress management and mental wellness lessons. Wellness Orbit mind health e-training approach counterbalances that lack by supporting mental well-being.

Here your team can access applicable intrapersonal skills that improve productivity and employee engagement without paying a toll on individual mental wellness.

The proactive mental wellness approach can reduce your health costs and boost your team's efficiency simultaneously.

The stillness of nature teaches us inner calmness

What is your mind health situation?

Most employers are unaware of their actual expenses related to chronic stress, burnout, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other workplace mental health issues. Earlier figures distinctly outline your current expense ranges.

Why it is beneficial to focus on the proactive wellness solution?

The proactive mind health approach brings you the desired positive results within the shortest time.


Investing in systematic brain health training allows people in your team to understand that every mind matters.

Your investment benefit is improved mental strength, it brings profitable performance shifts and a more positive mindset.

People with sharp minds give you a competitive advantage as it unlocks the intrapersonal potential of your team.

Individual transformation is the key to work-related success.

The proactive mental wellness approach enables to improve employee engagement and productivity.

When applied, practical intrapersonal skills can potentially double your productivity and improve employee engagement.

It isn't another motivational training that fades, because it is designed as a relaxing brain training experience.

We have taken away your risk.

Take a free stress test and enjoy demo training that introduces new ways to improve wellbeing and mental sharpness.


Allow everyone in your team to nip mind health problems in the bud and stay mentally sharp.

You no longer have to compromise between using a world-class professional trainer and a fair price. This digital proactive mental wellness training enables you to enjoy both.

How much does mental wellness e-training cost?

Before we demonstrate this mental wellness online gym's capability any further, we remind you of your investment level per person, so you can think with it.

Here your investment for a full day of e-training per person is never higher than £63 ($77 or 70€).

This high-value proposition, offering personal feedback to each trainee, is unprecedented, as mental health first aid training in the UK costs a minimum of £150 ($180 or 165€) per person.

Investing in mental wellness is more than caring, it is a profitable strategy with up to tenfold ROI!


This unique digital mental fitness solution allows training people easily regardless of their location.

With this unique gym-like mind/brain training approach, you no longer have to compromise productivity and mental wellness.

A peaceful mind allows you to work well and enjoy life.

Who needs to secure a healthy mind?

As this mental wellness approach is proactive it is for everyone regardless of their position and age. Besides prevention, it also supports recovery when people experience stress, burnout, or other work-related mental health issues.

Our self-assessment feedback points out honestly when a person needs professional help and urges them to restore their mind health.

Training the minds at this new and unique digital mental wellness center keeps your team well during tough times and crises.


Intrapersonal skills for mental wellness

Are you aware that here your digital training journey is as personal as one-on-one mental wellness coaching?

Here your trainer looks you in the eye from your screen and gives you time for mental wellness activities and exercises. That in combination with individual mental wellness tests and feedback brings positive results.


This approach allows you to learn practical intrapersonal skills that you can easily apply in real work situations. It will enhance productivity and support mind health at the same time.

Intrapersonal skills are applicable in real work situations.

Mental wellness is the best investment

Are you aware that mental wellness investments have a tenfold ROI?

As Deloitte research demonstrated, the proactive mental health approach has an excellent return on investment (ROI up to 10.8).



Now you and your team can stay on the right end of the mental health scale.

When interpersonal skills are applied people discover how their "mental superpowers" allow them to get things done efficiently.

The mental health scale has two ends.

Are you aware that physical fitness alone isn't enough to avoid stress and burnout as leading causes of great resignation?

Addressing mental wellness starts with relieving stress and preventing burnout. This allows your talents to stay.

Taking personal initiative matters now more than ever.

Your mental fitness e-trainings here, in the world's first fully digital Mental Wellness Gym, combine the expertise from entrepreneurship, medicine and awareness teachings.

Best of all, this new hybrid understanding of human capacity and securing the fit mind is now easily accessible 24/7.


Staying mentally healthy or getting mentally healthy has never been so easy.

Professional mental wellness expertise

These unique wellness online trainings were born from the initiative of the mental wellness expert Dr. Helena Lass. It is inspired by her collaboration with Ingvar Villido, the founder of Practical Consciousness – the most disruptive empirical approach to consciousness that is shifting the paradigm of how we apply human awareness.

The scientific paper 'Developing Intra-Personal Skills as a Proactive Way to Personal Sustainability - The Preventative Side of the Mental Health Equation' by Dr. Helena Lass was published by Routledge.

In 2018 Routledge published her scientific paper 'Developing Intra-Personal Skills as a Proactive Way to Personal Sustainability - The Preventative Side of the Mental Health Equation' in the book ‘Personal Sustainability. Exploring the Far Side of Sustainable Development'.


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Cut limitations & improve resilience

We love the scientific approach. However, workplaces need practical skills-based mental wellness solutions that everyone can apply right away.

In the following video, the mental wellness pioneer Dr. Lass presents a new revolutionary approach for you.


What happens if you can't afford 7 minutes of your time now?

You may have to afford later 7 years of treatment when you (or your employees) develop work-related mental health problems.

Your people deserve to know how to stay healthy, so it is vital you watch the video before moving on.


Prevention guarantees benefits for everyone

A reactive approach is never as efficient as proactivity which takes into account the early warning signs.

Stress, burnout, anxiety and other health problems can be prevented with the help of proactive mental health and wellbeing training.



Stop waiting and commit to securing your well-being and mental sharpness.

Learn to deal with stress and become aware of how to notice the warning signs of mental health issues because this will allow you to avoid unnecessary suffering and discover mental toughness.

This caring approach is for every person as it secures a healthy life and allows the discovery of work patterns that are vital for your success.

While intrapersonal skills training can support recovery from illnesses and complement treatment, such new self-leadership skills will lead to the discovery of how to build mentally healthy and resilient work patterns.

This proactive approach secures productivity and well-being simultaneously because its origins lay in awareness-based intrapersonal skills that will guarantee personal sustainability.


Prevention has lower costs than dealing with illnesses, presenteeism and a lack of employee engagement.

People with excellent intrapersonal skills can let their professional skills thrive. That is why a team with sharp and fit minds is a more valuable business asset than a lovely office.

A lovely office alone is not enough. For productivity, you need people who have fit minds.

Best Price Guarantee

Having reviewed the mental wellness page, your commitment to nurturing talent is evident.

Invest now and save money, we secure workplace mental wellness at the best price.

In case you buy Wellness Orbit training(s) and find a similar 5 to 8-hour training by a qualified mental wellness professional that is cheaper within a month from the purchase, we will refund you the difference.

This is the most efficient proactive approach to mental wellness.

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

People who enjoy mental well-being work productively well.

Please listen to what our customers had to say about the e-training experience because those made them mentally well and mindfully productive.

Testimonials about the Mental Wellness Gym

Why this works?


Inviting your staff to train their minds allows people to be resilient, insightful and foster creativity that leads to innovation.

Only when you experience mental wellness can you become calm and find the initiative and can take personal responsibility.

Are you aware that this mind health gym is open 24/7?


Now, you can improve mental wellness by learning intrapersonal skills from anywhere (where there is an Internet connection) and anytime.

During an era of external pressures and information overload, you can now easily access professionally curated mental wellness training that removes stress and secures excellent mental well-being.

Removing stress is the key to a personally sustainable mind health approach that boosts employee engagement and productivity. The numbers in the graph below show that preventing stress is necessary across all age groups.

Stress at work by different age groups.

Re-invent human capacity

Activating employee initiative and removing work stress can potentially double your productivity.

In this fully digital Mental Wellness Gym, your team is immersed in a systematic, well-designed, and digitally facilitated learning experience with:

☑️  Self-assessment before and after each training;
☑️  Instant personal feedback to self-evaluation;
☑️  Videos with 1-on-1 feel with the mental wellness expert;
☑️  Quizzes to consolidate the learned after each video session;
☑️  Workbook for securing your wellness and self-development;
☑️  Suggestions for group discussions.


Remember, this unique proactive mental wellness approach isn't available anywhere else in a digital training format.

Mental wellness and intrapersonal skills are needed to improve productivity, lessen employee turnover and significantly reduce stress levels and burnout risk now more than ever as explained in the video below.

Put an end to your employees' suffering and procrastination today. Reducing stress and preventing burnout will keep work-related mental health problems away.

We trust you now notice how the early proactive approach guarantees positive results, saves money, and brings vital health benefits.

Discover the easy way of using the mental wellness gym firsthand!


Are you leaving without trial? Can you afford to keep losing up to £3,710 ($4820 or 4,120€) per employee annually?

Invest in your team for just £63 ($77 or 70€) per employee, unlocking a potential tenfold ROI through increased productivity, engagement and reduced health costs.

If you seek more information before deciding, you can benefit from free mental wellness resources or enjoy the discovery of different mental wellness advantages in our blog section.

Feel free tos share the free resources and blog posts to aid others in maintaining a healthy and sharp mind. Thank You!

This mental wellness gym is already loved by many employers and employees.

Mental wellness forms the cornerstone of success, employee engagement, and productivity. Learn intraprsonal skills NOW!